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In 2003 Peter Magyar established the Eurotronik GmbH in Germany.


At the beginning, Eurotronik mainly focussed on passive components in all types. We proved a very reliable and competitive company for active and passive components. After a vew months, Eurotronik expanded from  the german market to a wordwide operating company for all kinds of electronical and electromechanical components.


As a free distributor, we are not fixed on any lines, so that we can trade with the products of any manufacturer. We are connected with hundreds of different sources (manufacturers, distributors, oem´s...).

Many customers admire our service.

Resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors and all kind of IC up to adhesive tapes, all around the assembling of PCB, you can get from us.


Our qualified team makes the difference, but see for yourself.


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